The Gist

I started my work in the fine arts when I decided my brilliant older sister wasn't the only one who got to be artistically inclined. About 80 percent of these pieces were created for my senior art show, but I continue my work painting the female form as both a tribute to our beauty and a project of empowerment, while dabbling in the impressionist style to breathe life into the work.  Below I've posted my artist statement that accompanied my senior showcase with the pieces from that collection following as well. 

"I've always been inspired by women and their natural beauty, grace, shapes and lines. While studying world history, I was surprised though empowered to learn that women were once at the head of ancient societies; they were revered for their beauty and worshipped as goddesses for their powers of fertility.  My goal with this collection was to put women on the pedestal once more and showcase that while society has changed, women continue only to grow in beauty and strength.

My stylistic vision stems from the impressionist movement and the idea of "en plein air"-- the way great artists like Degas and Monet made the viewer feel as if the subjects were living and breathing-- an effort to create a mood, an emotion and an atmosphere as opposed to simply trying to capture a moment in time.  I think of women as a force of nature and try to convey the sense of movement and fluidity that comes with their grace through my mark making and with lines that complement their natural shape.  

My work is comprised of emotion-driven portraits and figure study along with shapes that possess feminine quality.  I work to make all my pieces larger than life to give each woman I create a substantial presence. I hope to show each piece's unique personality and message through the material I choose to use, wchih could be anything from fabric and feathers to nails and ink.  

The inspiration comes from history and its many captivating characters and places, powerful designers like Alexander McQueen as well as ones as timeless as Chanel. I also look to Harper's Bazar, Vogue and other lifestyle magazines of the like.  Though, mostly, my inspiration comes from the beautiful women who I'm lucky enough to have had as role models, mentors and friends. If I accomplish nothing else other than making each one of those beautiful people feel proud to be a woman and proud to be themselves then the work will have fulfilled its purpose."