You've reached Erika. 

So the other day, six of my roommates and closest friends decided to sit in a circle in the middle of our living room and come up with my "word". Eventually they landed on eccentric – "a good eccentric though," they assured me.

Hello, my name is Erika Stark, and I'm eccentric.

I'm also a pianist, fine artist and dancer; a daughter, sister and friend; a feminist, humanist and realist; a literature freak, history fiend and coffee fanatic, but most especially –

I'm a journalist. 

(Hello, this is me (x2))

If you're still with me through the large portraits of my face, then thank you for visiting my site!

Here you'll find my quick, one-page resume as well as links to all my published journalist work and dabblings in fine art. Also feel free to delve into my person further via the tiny icons below; they'll take you to my instagram, connect with you my e-mail, show you my smatterings of videography, direct you to my twitter and give you a look at my CV.

As always, thank you for your most valuable possession: your time.